Our mission here at Women of the World United for Change is simply to provide the world with information about important issues such as Climate Change, Fracking, Oil, Water, Food Waste, Forests, Sustainable Living, Palm Oil, The Non-Human Rights Project, Trophy Hunting, Canned Hunting, Poaching, Alternative Energy, Cetaceans, Shark Finning, Over Fishing, Ocean Destruction, Animal Entertainment, Plastic Pollution, Nuclear Pollution, Rebuilding the Eco-System, Bees and Our Food, Factory Farming, GMO's, Deforestation, Mass die off's, Consumer Waste, and much more. We provide solutions through education, common sense approaches and science. Click here to watch AINA: "That Which Feeds Us" an important video regarding our food and environment and what is happening to it with GMO's and pesticides. Want to learn how to become Vegan and start saving lives and our planet today? Click here to view and/or download this amazing Guide to being a Vegan.

Some people would rather close their eyes to what's going on. We choose to open ours.

When we begin to embrace all life on earth and recognize each one's importance we can begin to make the changes needed to turn around our broken world. At Women of the World United for Change, we know how hard the struggles can be, but we believe acting together as a worldwide team will help us educate people near and far and really make a difference now and for future generations.

Education is power. Everyone has the right to know what's going on in the world around them and make the necessary changes to make the world a better place for themselves and their loved ones.

Make a Difference

We believe if every person on this earth begins to live a conscious life, a conscious lifestyle that involves the preservation and protection of our living environment that we can really make a change. These truths drive us, motivate us, and ultimately help us redefine the power of education.

Real Solutions

We’re big believers in reaching out to our neighbors around the world. It is time to leave something to those we leave behind. So we do what we can to support the community we love. We begin in our own backyards. Our own waterways and in our own homes with our choices.

Give Cheerfully

If you have spare time, donate it to a local shelter or animal sanctuary. See if there are places that allow you to bring your children so they can learn as well. When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. We hope to provide the information necessary to educate families and communities with solutions and ideas to change on a global level. Starting a Community Garden or a Garden at your child's school and volunteering some of your time to help them learn how to grow their own food is just one way! Click here to see how to get started. Click here for veggies that grow in the shade! Don't ever think you don't have the power to make a difference. The smallest things, like sharing the web site can make an enormous impact!

Acts of Kindness

Kindness and consciousness are by far more powerful than anything. The Dairy Industry is another horrible industry where male calves are taken away from their mothers, crated and made into veal. Avoid meat and dairy, high in fat and hard for your body to process. Click here for the newest in Vegan Milk Products! If we don't need to take a life or exploit an animal, why would we? Watch here how some cows were saved from the slaughterhouse and taken in to live out their lives on this farm. Their reactions as they are released to pasture after a long winter. All animals just want to live like we do. When we choose compassion over our own wants, we expand our consciousness and begin to grow as human beings. It begins with you.

How Can You Help?

Be mindful when choosing products for you and your families. Read labels, grow your own vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs. Don't think you have room? Most can be grown in pots. Click here to learn how. Know what you are feeding your children. Avoid products that harm or test on animals. Go here to check your Products. Avoid brands that use Palm Oil, it is destroying Orangutan habitat and leaving orphans in it's wake. Click here to see the Brands that use Palm Oil. Avoid these ingredients! Stay away from processed foods and GMO's that offer little if any nutritional value. Click here to see Certified Organic Brands. Don't support organizations that support Trophy or Canned Hunting. Ask friends, family and co-worker's if they would do the same.


Oceans & Waterways

Creating campaigns with local divers, dive rental shops and charter companies to clean-up ghost nets, fishing line and gear is vital. Want to head up a campaign in your area? Contact one of our admin and we'll help get the word out. Click here to learn more. Pollution, over fishing, drilling, trawling and poachers have been wiping out our marine life's food supply.

Climate Change

Climate Change is real. Your local news will not be telling you much about it. We however will. We urge people to do independent research as well. Come to your own conclusions based on science and facts. Once you have, please join our sister site Women of the World United Against Taiji fighting to end captivity and drive hunting. All are welcome to use the site as a tool to inform others.

Education Begins With You

Teach your children and grandchildren about conservation, of the land and our oceans. The value of our natural resources that are being stripped away by consumer demand. The oceans and inhabitants are vital to the sustainability of the planet. Teach them not to litter and to take care of the earth. Click here for tips on "How to raise environmentally responsible kids." Respect for life starts at home.


Fossil Fuels are terrible for the environment. Emissions are helping to contribute to the rapid growth of Climate Change. Choose clean, green energy whenever possible. Do you need a new vehicle? Consider electric or a hybrid for the health of the planet and a decrease in your carbon footprint. We have always been told to live in the moment, but we must consider what we are leaving the children for the future. Please join us!

Factory Farming

Choosing a vegan lifestyle is not only compassionate but will reduce your contribution to the factory farming industry, the biggest polluter on the planet. Governments are allowing clear cutting of forests that are imperative to our ecosystem for grazing land for cattle that you eat. It takes 1,847 gal. water/per lb. of beef. There are countries who have no access to fresh water. Every year 760 tons of grain are fed to livestock while a child dies of starvation every 2.3 seconds!


There’s so much you can do as a consumer. Use aluminum, glass or ceramic that can be washed and reused. Use your own cloth grocery bags when shopping. So much garbage ends up in our oceans. When we stop being a throw away society and begin to shop smarter, garden and provide sustainability for our families we are making progress. Stop buying plastic water bottles.
Check out these Great Tips on Recycling!



Captivity needs to end



JOIN us in protecting it


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Check back often as we will be posting various earth, animal and ocean related articles and information. Also: we will post links below on our time line when important issues come up! Please take time to watch the presentation as well as all the video's contained within it. You will be more informed to make better decisions moving forward. Thanks for stopping by and we will see you soon!

Everything has an impact.

We know life is busy with families, kids and work. Choosing the quickest, easiest products are sometimes the only option we think we have. That's simply not true. Preparing meals at home, planting and growing a garden, composting, recycling and making healthy choices for your family may take a little more time but it will certainly help you live a healthier, happier existence. Involve your children in the process. Be part of the solution and reduce your carbon pollution!


  • May 13, 2016

    Web site Launch

    Women of the World United for Change Launch their web site and show the world what they are fighting for!

  • August 13-14, 2016

    Benefit Concert

    Belfast 'ORCAfest2016' Benefit Concert, Summer 2016! Charity event for O.R.C.A. (Ongoing Rehab & Care Alliance) Belfast

  • Current 2016

    WOW vs Taiji

    Our sister site WOWvsTaiji.com has reached 149 countries worldwide in just over 1 year! Ladies join us here! The group and site were designed to help end the suffering of captive marine life and the drive hunts of dolphins and small whales that happens every 6 months in Taiji, Japan. We include alternatives on the site with a well researched Eco-Tours section and a Kids Section!

  • May 7 2016

    Empty The Tanks

    Women of the World Supports the ETT Worldwide Event Yearly. Via: promotion and attendance.

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